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LEGO® Powered Up custom train controller guide

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The train controller interface of the Powered Up 3.0 app allows now to have multiple hubs connected, but it does not offer a convenient interface to control these trains the same time.

This guide provides 2 code variations with the following abilities using the slider control interface of the Powered Up app:

Simple interface

      • Control 2 trains with the 2 sliders
      • Control the lights of the 2 trains separately with 2 buttons
      • Stop button to stop all trains
      • Interface can be customized to control more trains/motors with one slider, e.g. coupled trains

Advanced interface

  • Control 4 trains with the left slider
  • Switch between the trains with the right button
  • Left number shows the speed of the current train, right number shows the train selected
  • Left button toggles the light of the currently selected train
  • Middle button stops the currently selected train
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LEGO® Powered Up custom train controller guide

6 ratings
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