LEGO® Powered Up customized controller guide

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LEGO® Powered Up customized controller guide

32 ratings

The new generation of LEGO Powered Up / Control+ sets like 42099 or 42109 have their official control interfaces in the Control+ app, but they are not customizable. The Powered Up app supposed to be the one to be customized but it has still limited abilities to control a vehicle.

This customizable code that has the following abilities using one of the two available control interfaces in the Powered Up app:

  • Proper return to center steering
  • Calibration process to set the zero position for the steering
  • Ability to fine tune the zero position with buttons
  • Toggle button to use the unused port(s) of the sets to attach lights
  • Slider or Joystick control

1.1 update - simple control setup added for 42109 and 42099 to be used with the Powered Up remote. This configuration does not have calibration so the wheels needs to be aligned manually to the center position before connecting to the app, or alternatively you can first run the calibration with the Control+ app, then switch to the Powered Up app.

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